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What Is KüL?

Our Design Philosophy

We love what we do. We travel the globe to meet others with our passion for design and engineering. When we visit Europe, we visit factories — really cool factories that encompass centuries of tradition and passion for design. We explore. We discover. And when we see something truly special, we find ourselves saying over and over again… “That’s KüL”.

We take that cool design, that European Sensibility and reconsider what’s possible into our products. Looking at different ideas and bringing them all together creates a certain panache, a special something that when people see it, use it, feel it, they say….”It’s KüL”.

The KüL Factory is that collection of thinking at our company that leads us to consider the possible. We know we are challenging the design and architectural sensibility. It’s the way we go to work each day embracing our imagination into everything we create. It’s pushing beyond the barriers of what we can use, how we leverage our tools and machines to push our boundaries on how we can create thought provoking products that leave people saying…it’s KüL.

See KüL Factory Profiles In Action

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Single Profile

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Double Profile

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Hanging Rail

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Lighted Toe Kick

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